Nurturing Creativity
& Lifelong Learning

As Aberdeen’s community-focused arts venue, we are passionate about nurturing the next generation of talent through Creative Learning programmes and activities.

We run an array of classes and workshops catered to age ranges from 3-18 years old and mainly focusing on drama and musical theatre — including opportunities to get creative with stage crafts and art.

Explore Creative Learning at Aberdeen Arts Centre below and Contact Us to find out more information.

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Creative Learning programmes are a great way to plan fun activities for kids during breaks between school terms — no more boredom!

Our Summer and Easter Schools, which run during school holidays, also incorporate dance, music and crafts.— to make sure we keep every day fresh and interesting.

Our tutors and assistants are highly experienced practitioners who share the Aberdeen Arts Centre ethos of enabling young people to engage with drama and performing arts in a relaxed and informal environment, learning skills and building confidence.

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