Thursday 9th - Saturday 11th November 2023
7pm (2pm Saturday matinee, no evening show)


£15 Standard
£10 School Pupils

Plus Booking Fee

Venue: Auditorium

Presented by St Margaret's School for Girls

Living in an enchanted undersea country with a father who is King and a singing voice which is the envy of all her sisters, it seems mermaid Ariel has it all. However, she wants the one thing which she cannot have - to live on land. 

When she falls in love with a handsome human prince, Ariel will do anything to get a pair of legs so she signs away her voice to the evil sea witch Ursula. With the help of Flounder the fish, Scuttle the seagull and Sebastian the crab, will Ariel win over the prince or will she face an eternity bound to life as a mermaid in Ursula’s evil lair?

Join us this November for this family friendly musical with songs from the popular Disney film including “Under the Sea”, “Kiss the girl” and “Part of your World”.