Saturday 14th October - Sunday 24th Dec 2023

Exhibition opens on Sat 14th October at 5pm and following will be open to view when the Arts Centre is open

Free & Unticketed


We are delighted to be supporting two local artists — Katherine Martin and Andrii Brynza — who will be exhibiting their work with us from Saturday 14th October until Christmas Eve.

Katherine won Best on the Wall at NESCol's HND Creative Industries End of Year Show for Textiles, Photography, Visual Communication and Contemporary Art Practice. 

Andrii has gained local recognition for his pen and ink drawings of local landmarks following the support of the congregation at Gilcomston Church.

Cast & Credits
Katherine Martin
Katherine Martin

I have been consistently building my repertoire as an artist: analysing personal themes through painting, introducing mixed media to create fascinating textures.

Earlier this year, during my studies, I produced large-scale abstract paintings complimented by a sound installation, regarding my battle with undiagnosed ADHD. An insight into my past experiences dealing with high emotion, lack of confidence and an awareness of what overstimulation really involves. I broke down components of my own identity, and considered what makes an individual.

We were given freedom with our chosen concepts/themes, which allowed me to explore a variety of styles, challenging myself by venturing into nonfigurative abstract concepts. To juxtapose, I comprised a mixed media landscape of the infamous local fishing village; Gardenstown, situated on the Aberdeenshire coast. Using found materials and oil paint I was able to replicate a scene of the beach which is dear to me. During media experimentation, I discovered a newfound love for textural pieces which I decided to exhibit. However, for my graded unit I touched on the bond I have with my father, the sheer impact of having a positive role model and environment growing up was, through portraiture realism. This solidified my passion for portraiture, whether be it loosely abstract or realistic. Mindful of this, for my last project I produced a series of self-portrait paintings which tell my abnormal relationship with vanity, paralleled with self-hatred, hidden by a friendly façade. At the HND graduate exhibition, this project gained me exposure.

Post-college, I have immersed myself in the works of romanticist artists – inspired by Rossetti’s delicate paintings which examine depth of colour and tone. Taking note of Pre-Raphaelite motifs and old master techniques, I will create a series of romanticist-inspired oil paintings. Initial investigation has begun, I have mapped out my next painting through digital photography. With help from Aberdeen-based model Molly Geddes, I was able to vaguely replicate the aesthetic in an outdoor shoot at Seaton Park by the riverside.

Utilising my HND in Contemporary Art, I decided to pursue a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. This shift in course felt necessary as it aligned more with my art practice.

Andrii Brynza
Andrii Brynza — Image: Kenny Elrick/DC Thomson

I am an artist from Odessa, Ukraine, and with two years of residing in the United Kingdom, my artistic journey continues to evolve here. My dedication to art began in childhood and with each stroke, it has become more enriched and expressive.

My path as an artist began at the Grekov Art School, where I acquired a solid foundation in art. I then continued my education at Ushinsky University in Odessa, deepening my knowledge and skills.

Urban architecture serves as the canvas for my art, and I find inspiration in its forms and intricacies. I prefer to create my pieces on-site, immersing myself in the surrounding environment and translating architectural marvels onto the canvas with utmost precision. This allows my works to become part of the urban panorama, delighting the eyes of those who pass by me during moments of creation.

My art spans various styles, but currently, I aspire to present a series of works at the exhibition created using black ink. These drawings are not mere representations; they are my endeavor to capture the soul of two remarkable cities - Aberdeen and Birmingham. My connection with Birmingham was particularly profound, and I decided to immortalize this experience on canvas.